Bylaws Refresh Task Force 2021

Filling the glass

Our Bylaws are about to be refreshed! The Bylaws Refresh Task Force has been constituted to realize one of UUSM’s developmental ministry priorities: to update our Bylaws, last amended in 2013, to bring them into alignment with UUA recommendations and create a foundation for our future.

Working closely with our Developmental Minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, and UUSM Board of Directors President Beth Brownlie as board liaison, the task force will review the current bylaws and make recommendations to reflect our current circumstances, thinking, and our church’s vision. The group will be governed by a RASCI that defines who is Responsible, Accountable, Supported, Consulted, and Informed. They have committed to working in a transparent fashion, with substantial congregational outreach and input and periodic reports to the board.

UUSM logoThe initial effort is one of discovery as task force members review our current bylaws alongside best practices from Unitarian Universalist Association and other UU congregations. They recognize the need to move forward deliberately and collaboratively with the UUSM congregation.

Please contact any of the task for members with any questions or encouragements: Chair Patricia Wright, John Zinner, Bob Dietz; Rev Jeremiah Kalendae (ex officio), and Beth Brownlie (board liaison).



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