“Bans Off Our Bodies!” — May 14th in Downtown LA — Now with Photos!

Bans Off Our Bodies Rally
Photo by Roy Patience

Saturday morning, May 14th, saw the first coordinated nationwide action in support of reproductive rights since the leak of a forthcoming Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Faith In Action, UUSM members and friends, and other area UUs met up in Downtown LA for this rally and protest co-organized by Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March Foundation, and other allied groups! Here are photos from the rally by James Witker and Roy Patience.

This is a moment for urgent, faithful action. Legal scholars have noted that the intent behind this potential ruling reveals a radical judicial agenda that could imminently endanger other hard-won rights: privacy and intimacy, marriage equality, even contraception.

As the UUA Side with Love Team has written:

To be clear: The conservative supermajority–enabled by a majority of justices appointed by Presidents that did not win the popular vote–is suggesting they will renege on their confirmation reassurances that Roe was the settled law of the land. Should this decision be finalized, it will be an intentional choice to side with white supremacy and Christian nationalism, and it will be an attack on all people with uteruses, particularly and especially BIPOC, poor, rural, and disabled people. It will have immediate and deadly consequences for millions of people.

Our Unitarian Universalist faith affirms that all of our bodies are sacred, and that we are each endowed with the twin gifts of agency and conscience. Each of us should have the power to decide what does and doesn’t happen to our bodies at every moment of our lives because consent and bodily autonomy are holy. And when disparities in resources or freedoms make it more difficult for certain groups of people to exercise autonomy over their own bodies, our faith compels us to take liberatory action.

Let’s respond to these trying times as ever by showing up, raising our voices, and “praying with our feet.”


The event begins at 10AM at City Hall. We will meet starting at 9:30 at the Vietnam Memorial in Grand Park: 145 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012, buddy-up and walk together to City Hall.

Do you want to carpool or meet for the train? Some of us will travel together and others will meet in DTLA. Please use the button below to sign up and connect with the group.


Join us in the courtyard at UUSM this Wednesday, May 10th at 6PM, for a sign-making party!

Questions or concerns? Please contact justice@uusm.org.



More information about this event can be found here.

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