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What Are Beloved Conversations?

Registration ends August 26 for the Fall 2022 session of “Beloved Conversations,” the faith-formation, anti-racism program. Help us heal the impact of racism on all of our lives.

Len, Ernie, and Marguerite

Memorial Finale for Pipes Distinguished Lecture Series

The Pipes Lecture Series will have its Finale on Saturday, May 7 at 5:30 pm in the Sanctuary with memorials to three pillars of the lecture series committee, Leonard Adler, Rev. Ernie Pipes, and Marguerite Spears. Entertainment will be provided by accomplished gospel musicians Linda Alvarez, Severn Behnen, and William Bryant.

Finding our way

Bylaws Refresh Town Halls

The Bylaws Refresh Task Force is happy to announce they have completed the first draft of proposed bylaws to be considered for adoption at the Annual Meeting in June.

Saunder previews new music at Purdue University

Celebrating Saunder Choi’s new music

UUSM Music Director Saunder Choi is headed to Purdue University this week where Purdue Musical Organizations will be performing several of his works, and then to Chicago for the long-awaited premiere of “Verum Corpus” by Windy City Performing Arts.

On the Banks of the Dnieper

Written by Sarah Robson. To support our Generous Congregations Contribution in March to the International Rescue Committee, along with our March UUA theme of Renewing Faith, I feel compelled to tell a personal story about my connection to the Ukraine that I hope will inspire.