August Generous Congregation Supports Camp de Benneville Pines

Because of COVID-19, this year’s Santa Monica UU Family Retreat at Camp de Benneville Pines, slated to take place September 18-20, is canceled. The mid-September weekend has provided a moment for us to slow down and spend time together in the woods. But under today’s conditions of social distancing, church camp would just not work very well.

As a result, Camp de Benneville Pines is in serious financial trouble, and it is not clear if it will survive. We think about all the joy that we have found at our blessed retreat in the mountains and are motivated to help. Camp Director Janet James says that if the churches can raise the money that their members would have spent on coming to camp, then Camp de Benneville will survive.

As you consider, flash back to memories of last year’s UUSM sojourn up to the mountain.

Generous Congregation

Our practice here at UUSM is to dedicate half of our non-pledge Sunday offerings to organizations doing work in the world that advances our Unitarian Universalist principles; the other 50% of the offering is used to support the life of our church.

UUSM’s Generous Congregation program supports our church community. And together, we uplift the reach and impact of vital organizations doing work we could not do on our own. This month, half of our Sunday offerings will go to Camp de Benneville Pines. Your support will help keep our congregational home in the mountains afloat, and make sure it still serves as a UU gathering place and important youth camp in future, better times.

Please consider supporting the mission of our church, and Camp de Benneville. To give right now, text “$10 GCC” (or another amount) to 844-982-0209. (One-time-only credit card registration required.)


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