Still Life Drawing with Greg Wood

Still Life Drawing You are cordially invited to participate in Greg Wood’s Still Life Drawing Class. It is scheduled for Thursday August 6, from 10 – 11:30 am on Zoom. Please RSVP for Zoom information:

Why is a skill in drawing important?

Drawing teaches you to perceive the world with critical eyes, and to be faithful to any item’s details: shadows, contours, and gentle nuances in shapes and proportions. Being able to carefully see the world through an artist’s eyes will allow you to see the world in a fresh way. A common item that you had inattentively passed by can become a fascinating world of its own. Ideas, perspectives, and insights are often nurtured by creative pursuits.

The Still Life Drawing Class is for anyone open and curious about how to draw. We will practice a common technique, like drawing lines from light to dark, drawing just shadows, and drawing contours. After five minutes of drawing, we will do a show and tell, with encouraging and insightful comments.

What do I need to start?

Any pencil will do for a beginning class. The best materials for a drawing class, however, are pencils of different hardness. To start, a single soft 2B professional graphite drawing pencil is the best. For optimal results, a set of three pencils of different hardnesses are recommended:  HB, 2B, and 4B. Another item you should choose is a handheld sharpener, and of course, a white eraser is a must. You will also need a small pad of drawing paper, or even spiral bound blank paper. All of these can be purchased at a local art store.

Since this is a still life class, have a few items ready – bottles, cups, cutlery, and fruit to start. Flowers are for advanced drawing and are not recommended for beginners.

Who is teaching the class?

Greg Wood will be leading the class. Greg is a professional artist, having a BA in Art from UCSC, and before he retired he was an architectural illustrator.

And why would a UU want to pick up a skill in drawing?

There is a growing recognition that everyone needs some creative output for a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

We hope to see you on August 6th!

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