Arizona Lobby Repair Project: Concrete and Funding Update

trees, construction fence and sheeting, cars
Street view of our Arizona Lobby Repair Project

We applied for and received a grant of $50,000 from the Spirit Level Foundation to help us make extensive repairs to the Arizona lobby area. But we need to match this amount. Thanks to many people — and a very generous gift of $35,000 from one member — a total of $44,830 has been raised. Our Board of Directors encourages every one of us to pitch in toward the $5,170 still needed to receive the full grant amount. Together, we’ll reach our goal; contributions of any amount are appreciated!

copper pipe, concrete newly poured over bolts and rebar, temporary boards
Lobby corner concrete, up close and personal

After long preparations, site work began in July with demolition of windows, walls, flooring, and lots of concrete. By September an inspection indicated a little extra work was needed before concrete could be laid for the foundation. We’re pleased to report that step was completed and inspected in October, so the first concrete was poured around the perimeter of the Lobby. The photos make plain a grid of rebar yet to be covered by concrete. When completed, this will lead the way to installation of new flooring, doors, and energy-efficient windows.

During construction, the Arizona Lobby area, including the bathrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors, will be blocked and inaccessible. The only bathrooms available on our campus are three in the Cottage and one in the Sanctuary Lobby. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience caused by the construction and appreciate everyone’s understanding. We can enter our campus from the front courtyard (the sidewalks on 18th Street and on Arizona Avenue) and from the alley gate next to the kitchen and the Forbes Hall glass doors. Click here for a great explanation of this important repair project.

tree trunk and branch, plastic sheeting over concrete and rebar, plants, window
Lobby project view from the Garden of Eternity

Remember, every dollar you donate is matched one-to-one. Visit the Donate page now; select Other and indicate Spirit Level Grant on the online form, from you phone, use text code SLG. Thanks!