2020–21 Pledge Drive Update, April 2

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Dear UUSM Family and Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and coping as well as possible.

We are now 2 weeks into the statewide order to stay at home. It is my sincere hope that in these uncertain times, you are finding comfort through small group ministry at UUSM and inspiration in streamed worship. I also hope you’ve had the opportunity to begin to find meaning in service to members of our community.

How are you?

For my part, I just found out that the Santa Monica–Malibu Unified School District is preparing us all to be “distance learning” through the end of the school year. The nerves in my household are rattled all the way around. I am grateful that I have my community to support me during this time; and I also feel a tremendous sense of purpose reaching out to fellows and offering support where I can give it. By getting out of my own head and being of service, I find my place in the order of things. I’m neither at the center of the universe, nor am I alone. If you want to share where you’re at, drop me a line at president@uusm.org. I’d love to hear from you.

I will tell you how the church is doing: beloved community is thriving on Facebook, in Zoom Rooms, through phone calls, and on YouTube. Some amazing people have stepped forward to facilitate this work: Communications Team, Children and Youth RE, Adult RE, Pastoral Care Associates, Care Ring, Worship Associates, and more. Staff continue to be the backbone of what we do in administration, worship, and Religious Education. Please extend your gratitude wherever you contact these wonderful people.

UUSM finances are okay. We have the good fortune of having money in operational reserves, and we are tapping it appropriately and as needed as we navigate this crisis. You likely already know that our biggest fundraiser, Dining for Dollars (D4$)—which has generated $30,000+ annually for years—was cancelled before the auction could take place. And we were counting on that fundraiser this fiscal year.

So we are now reaching out to ask bidders and hosts to convert what they would have spent on D4$ into straight-up support for the church. Please consider making a discrete D4$ donation this spring or adding to your 2020–21 pledge.

Speaking of which, great thanks to 49 UUSMers who’ve already pledged for the coming fiscal year. If you’ve made your pledge, thank you so very much. If you haven’t, you can go go online to uusm.org/2020pledgedrive and make it there. We hope to have 150 pledges secured by April 12th. Your response right  now will make it that much easier.

Find a reminder of all the ways your support builds beloved community and a roadmap to abundanceYou can also download a printable pledge form or make your own pledge online. Thank you for Igniting Our Faith by making your pledge today.


Jacki Weber, President




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