Walk to End Hunger Oct. 17

Working together to end hunger

Hello UU Santa Monica—

This October, our Generous Congregation recipient is the Westside Food Bank. UU Santa Monica has a long relationship with Westside Food Bank: donating food, volunteering labor, and raising money. Most UUSM youth and young adults remember trekking over on a Sunday morning to sort food and learn more about hunger in our community.

\"WestsideThis year there’s a way that UU Santa Monica members and friends can support the Westside Food Bank and get some exercise in the process. Westside Food Bank is conducting their 31st 5k Hunger Walk virtually, October 17-24. And the UUSM Hunger Task Force is on the march!

We are doubling down to support Westside Food Bank with cash. They distribute to more than 70 local service agencies and can stretch a dollar like nobody’s business. The economy is improving, but even before the pandemic, an estimated one in five individuals in LA County lived with food insecurity.

If you are able, please join us to walk the 5K, on your own time, in your own neighborhood; or with the group on October 17. Yes, a real in-person group is walking October 17 at 2:00 pm. We’re starting at 18th and Arizona, but note that the church buildings and campus are is closed. This is a public, intergenerational event, so mask up and kids must have an escort.

If you’re not able to walk, please help the Hunger Task Force by supporting an individual walker or the UUSM team.

Lois Hutchinson and Jo An Peters will lead the walk from church, and all funds will go directly to the Westside Food Bank to help food-insecure persons in our communities. This is a way to have some fun in addition to your regular support via Generous Congregation donations on Sundays.

Remember, lots of people are walking on their own time in their own neighborhoods, but we will be walking at 2:00 pm on October 17 starting at church. We are hoping to get ten walkers with ten sponsors each, raising $1000… or even more.  It\’s going to be super fun!  Everyone is welcome, kids, dogs, families, single folks, old and young… Come join us as we walk AND make a difference!



— The UUSM Hunger Task Force


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