UUSM the Vote 2022 Update

It is SO exciting to see us banding together to make a difference in 2022! I want to share a numbers update and a note. But first…

Will we see you for a POSTCARD PARTY? We’ll be celebrating our work together and scheming our next actions as the UU the Vote Team! Lemme know so I can ply you with bagels! Send me a message, selecting UU the Vote.

September: Postcard Parties!

First off, we’re awesome
  • We sent 1,380 postcards in just a few weeks to St. Lucie as part of the GOTV effort for the FL primary. 
  • We’re now 45 strong on the UU the Vote Team at UUSM. And we even have friends in far places (Hi Rita de Boer and Karen Patch!) joining the fun.
Second, our work is just beginning!
  • We’re on target to reach our goal of 5,000 postcards sent by November. 
  • Our next milestone will be to complete 1,400 postcards by mid-September to promote early voting in Virginia Beach City, VA. The first day of in-person early voting in Virgina for the November 2022 General Election is Friday, September 23. Again, we’re working with Reclaim Our Vote and focusing on infrequent Black voters and voting rights, along with other issues of particular importance there.
  • We’ve also decided to try to register 500 voters at SMC and West LA College. We’re doing research this month and will craft a plan at our September 4 meeting.
  • Postcard Parties are Awesome! Contact UUSM UU the Vote for a list of September parties! 

August: Have You Completed Your Cards? Read on!

  • If you’ve already sent your postcards, that’s great. If you haven’t, you can mail anytime between now and Monday!
  • Please make sure you mail no later than 8/8/22 so they land in time
  • Did you mark your addresses complete? Scan the QR code on your sheet of names to let Reclaim Our Vote know you’ve sent postcards to those people.
  • If you want to help CRUSH our goal of 1,500 postcards mailed, we have just a few pages of 20 names unassigned.
  • Take a look the PDF below to see the difference that postcarding makes, from our friends at the Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote project!

Together we have already committed to 1,380 postcards to St. Lucie County, FL voters. THAT IS SO RAD!!! With our UU friends and others, we will have actually reached out to over half of the infrequent voter electorate in that county. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Upcoming National Action Huddle: Join the UU the Vote “Power to the People Volunteer Action Huddle” on Sunday, August 28, 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT. This is a national multi-issue volunteer event where you will have the opportunity to find a volunteer role or join a team to help bring our values to the 2022 elections and beyond.


About UUSM UU the Vote:
We are the UUSM contingent of the “UU the Vote” – an initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Association (info at www.uuthevote.org) We are working together to address participation in our democracy in a values-driven nonpartisan way.

We are working to pass pro-democracy bills, take action to support voting and combat voter suppression, and work towards the elimination of barriers to building political power in marginalized communities.

This is a plug-and-play program. We’re providing the organizing muscle: the opportunities, the lists, the materials, even the stamps for postcard writing!

Overall Priorities:
Generally speaking, we are mobilizing to promote democratic participation. Especially in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida. We are also responding to specific requests to support the For the People Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and DC Statehood.

Dollars and Cents:
There is no cost to participate in this program! We are accepting donations to cover postage, materials, and organizing efforts. Make checks payable to Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica and put UU the Vote in the memo line. You can also drop cash in a donation box at our Sunday table, and you can go online to uusm.org/donate, click on the UUSM ONLINE DONATION PAGE button, and enter an amount in the OTHER line, noting UU the Vote.

Save the Date:

  • UUSM UU the Vote Team Planning Meeting: August 7 – 9:30 am
  • UUSM UU the Vote Team Planning Meeting: September 4 – 9:30 am
  • National Voter Registration Day: September 20
  • UUSM UU the Vote Team Update Meeting: October 2 – 9:30 am
  • UUSM UU the Vote Team Update Meeting: November 6 – 9:30 am
  • National UU the Vote Day of Action: November 7 
  • Post Election Day Huddle: Wednesday, November 9 
  • UUSM UU the Vote Team Celebration: November 13 – 9:30 am

For More Info:

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