UUs Condemn Violence Against Gaza

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Our national Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) has issued a summons to all UUs, our congregations, and institutions to leverage our love, voices, and collective power to speak with moral clarity with regard to the tragedy that continues to unfold in Gaza. The UUA has shared resources and issued several statements on the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and Israel, calling on Unitarian Universalists to open our hearts and be present to the depths of human suffering in this moment.

We are specifically called to name our own government’s complicity in the regressive cycle of violence that is spinning out of control in the Holy Land. I urge all of our members and friends to read and reflect upon this statement from the UUA and to take peaceful spiritual and political action to demand a ceasefire and encourage peace.

We will also continue to condemn the rising antisemitism, anti-Arab bigotry, and Islamophobia that is being experienced by so many in our society.

Follow the UUSM Faith in Action events page for more learning opportunities and actions. Now it is again the time to side with love and make our voices heard.  

The Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae
UUSM Developmental Minister

Join us for a presentation on Sunday, March 3 at noon in the Sanctuary.by UCLA Professor Saree Makdisi on How Can We Talk About Gaza?

How Can We Talk about Gaza?