To the Glory of Life: Curiosity

Developmental Minister Rev. Greg Ward

Dear Friends,

They say that ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ but frankly, that sounds made up. Sort of like the kind of finger-pointing cockamamie story cooked up by a crooked politician. Something in a corrupt communication policy that tells the family of victims some bizarre obfuscation while concealing evidence. It’s what people say who have something to hide.

I would like to slip under the yellow tape and walk around the crime scene for a moment.  Snoop about in search of clues. What I’d really like to do is to talk to the cat. Because if there is anyone who, for sure, has the straight poop on what went down in shady town, it’s the cat. But the cat’s dead.

So, of course, what you look for is the next of kin. Those in line for the throne. Whoever was hanging out with the cat around zero-dark-ten and counting. Like; the best friend. Except cats don’t really have best friends. They’re too aloof for sycophants, and no one whose living is made off other people’s tragedy owns a cat. Best friends are associated with dogs; i.e. “man,” (sic) which, as all know, are notoriously unreliable when it comes to giving the low down on high jinx.

So, I don’t think it was curiosity that did the killing. At least, not without some help. But let me confess. Because, truth to tell, I have some bias.

I’ve known Curiosity for a long time. Curiosity is the first born of an unlikely pairing of personalities. A whirlwind romance between Wonder and Worry. She got one parent’s imagination and the other’s darting eyes. When she was four, she got into long discussions with her Uncle Reason, who kept trying to explain the universe so that everything made sense. But each time he came up with a perfect answer, she countered with an even more perfect question. And always the same one: “Why?” Eventually, Curiosity backed Reason into a corner and, out of exasperation said, “Because God said so!! That’s why!!” Surprised even him, and resulted in Reason enrolling in seminary where he eventually become a Unitarian minister.

Curiosity was married numerous times. She couldn’t help it. And each time she married, she had a child. She met Fear when she was young and had a son, Anxiety, who became a detective. She left Fear and met Anger with whom she had a second son, Judgment, who worked in a courtroom. She fell deeply in love with Confusion, but while on their honeymoon, they got separated and never found each other.

After marrying Service, she had a daughter, Justice, who became an activist. And after a liaison with Logic, she had another daughter, Intrigue.

But then she fell head over heels for Love. They had twins: Honor and Reverence.

When the story broke about the cat’s demise, Curiosity was taken into custody. All her children gathered around her. Each swore vehemently that their mother could never kill anything. After all, they said, she deeply resisted the finality of endings.

The trial is coming up. So, it behooves all of us to look back on our affairs with curiosity. Consider the testimony of her children and all who’ve known her. They will tell you that curiosity simply allows one to go deeper and become more of who they are. If you begin with Fear or Anger, Curiosity will find ways to see, find, and validate more of the same. But in situations where Curiosity becomes the companion of Love, the result is Beauty, Appreciation, Generosity, Peace, Gratitude, Excitement, Warmth, and Hope. Cat thrived amidst all these things.

Think hard before you cast Judgment and put Curiosity away. She is one of the most important characters to have in your team.  Especially if you are trying to find you way to a place you’ve never been. Or find your way back to someplace you can’t quite remember.

To the Glory of Life.


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