The Westside Food Bank Loves UUSM

For decades now, our church has been collecting food to donate to the Westside Food Bank. Traditionally, children bring the family’s donation to the chancel steps and place the donation in the basket in front of the pulpit before we hear the Time for All Ages.

Afterwards, the congregation sings the kids off to their religious exploration classes and the grown-ups hear the reading and the sermon and the music. The food finds its way to a big barrel near the music closet, and finally ends up at the Westside Food Bank.

Karl and Tom have been taking it to the 22nd St. location near Michigan St. in Santa Monica. This last time we were greeted by Jason, one of several people at this large warehouse who organize pallets, move them with forklifts, and get the food from donors like us at UUSM to people who need it.

It’s quite an impressive scene.

They put the load on a big scale and weigh it and record the weight; Our latest donation of cans and packages of food totaled 260 pounds. They then move the food onto pallets with all the other stuff.

Jason thanked us profusely, and said, “Keep it coming!”

That’s right, folks: let’s do that. KEEP IT COMING!