UUSM Worship Theme 2022 Courage

October 2022 Worship Services

We look forward to being with you in person or in spirit on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. October theme: The Path of Courage. Sermons: St. Francis Day & Blessing of the Animals; Explorations of the Heart; Why Pray?; Sisters of the Moon; Día de los Muertos.

From Our Minister: The Path of Courage

What if we expanded our understanding of courage to include our darings to grow and be transformed not through bold showings of strength and might but through our bold embraces of weakness, vulnerability, and tenderness?

October Art Wall: Bettye Barclay

Among the paintings on display are fourteen new, small-scale works that were done as background for Bettye’s Thought for the Day mailings, as well as a few of her fused glass wall hangings.

Join the Fun! October Youth RE Events

Check out pics from last month and the calendar of awesomeness in October. There’s info on the first First Friday Fun & Games night, plus pet blessing, Día de los Muertos, and more!

colorful tapestry with the words "you Belong" suggrounded by colorful foliage

From Our Minister: Belonging

We are in a period of rebirth as a religious community and this mirrors the processes unfolding in the larger world following two years of global struggles.