Soulful Sundown 2: We Listened to the Music on July 28th

Chalice. Music. Dining. Dancing.

We did it again, in spite of the heat of the summer, because we wanted to. On July 28, Soulful Sundown returned to Forbes Hall. People came, offering a contribution to the potluck, donated the $15 for the music, and enjoyed the company, the conversation, and the community. 

We provided the main course (pizza and roast chicken) and folks brought salads and shrimp, and veggies and breads, and nuts and cherries and cake. A good meal was had by all.

A short but soulful chalice lighting from Johnny Canales and Barbara Kernochan was followed by music from the band — shall we call them “The Sundowners”? Johnny and Amy were singing.

The band started off with Jackson Browne and, in the spirit of love, followed up with the three-part harmony of “Because,” then “Just the Way You Are.” Social justice was in the air with “People Got to Be Free” and “Takin’ it to the Streets.”

The dancing started early on, as people warmed up to the spirit of the event, the feel of the music, and the vibe in the room. Sting’s “Fields of Gold” was a hit. 

We ended with the theme of the evening, “Listen to the Music.” People were seen dancing who had not been seen dancing since Covid. 

Soulful Sundown will return in the fall. Stay tuned.