Small Chalice Lighter Contributions Make a Big Difference!

Despite the delays of a COVID spring season, Santa Monica UUs made a significant financial impact through their small contributions to the Conejo Valley congregation, which is led by the Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn.  A huge thank-you for your support!

The Chalice Lighters program depends upon small contributions ($20) from many UUs in congregations throughout our Pacific Southwest District (PSWD).  Added to a congregation’s own fundraising efforts, PSWD Chalice Lighters make a big difference, especially to smaller congregations trying to grow and thrive in these difficult times.

Now the call goes out again.  Contributions from Chalice Lighters will help the UUs of San Luis Obispo to hire a 1/4-time Congregational Life Coordinator.  They believe their volunteer power is abundant but that they need the guidance of a professional to organize most effectively.  San Luis Obispo’s Rev. Rod Richards welcomes standard donations of $20 and also will receive with gratitude donations in any amount.  He writes, “As a congregation of 200+ members, we are at a point where we would benefit greatly from having a staff position devoted to new member assimilation and integration, volunteer and leadership recruitment, and the organization of small groups and opportunities for deepening connections between members.”

It is our hope that Santa Monica Chalice Lighters will respond to this new call for support as we did to the first.  Our small contributions before October 31 can make a big difference for our neighbors to the north.

If you have not yet signed up to be a Chalice Lighter in our congregation, but would like to participate in this broad-based effort to help our fellow UU churches, please contact Barbara Kernochan to learn just how simple it is to make a difference for our neighbors and for our denomination.  Your $20 donation to one project per year will make you a Chalice Lighter and help us gain the honored title of “Chalice Lighter Congregation.”


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