Report from UUA GA: Voting on Human Rights Resolution on Investment

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By Roberta Frye

UUA General AssemblyIn June, I was a delegate to this year’s UUA General Assembly. A casualty of COVID-19, GA was moved from Rhode Island to an all virtual assembly (which GA organizers produced without apparent glitches).

Faith in Action logoI was particularly interested in the only proposed business resolution, “Embodying Human Rights in Our Investment Decisions.” Earlier in the year, members of our Peace and Social Justice Committee had gathered ten signatures, the maximum number allowed from one congregation, to have the resolution considered at GA. The total number of nationwide signatures required to present the resolution was 250. The UUA had previously adopted a similar resolution, but this one would strengthen the human rights guidance used in corporate investment/divestment and shareholder advocacy. It also would develop formal mechanisms of communication between the UUA investment committees, UU social justice groups and UU’s more generally.

The UU groups co-sponsoring the resolution were UU’s for Justice in the Middle East, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism, UU Peace Ministry Network, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth and UU Refugee and Immigrant Services and Education. The Socially Responsible Investing Committee was in full support of the resolution.

I attended the business meeting at which the resolution was discussed, and, as I recall, no one spoke against it. The resolution passed with 95% voting in favor.

To access the resolution, go to

It was also heartening to see the adoption of the Actions of Immediate Witness, 400 Years of White Supremacist Colonialism (PDF) as well as Amen to Uprising (PDF).


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