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Dear friends,

When our settled minister the Rev. Rebecca Benefiel-Bijur departed, we engaged in an effort called “compassionate leave-taking.” The intention was to share our feelings  in community as she prepared to leave and as we prepared for the unknown with a new minister.

We are in a similar situation today with our minister Rev. Greg, our DRE Kathleen, and intern minister Robin leaving during June.

I apologize for not thinking of this earlier, but with the annual meeting I came to realize that there are many in the congregation who have feelings about these departures that deserve to be shared, aired, and processed in loving community.

There are a number of opportunities coming up to gather in compassionate dialogue. These events are hosted by the Right Relations Team and will be attended by fellow board members.

Here are the opportunities:

  • Sunday, June 16 – noon following the farewell celebration for Kathleen
  • July date TBD
  • August date TBD

Here’s a link where you can indicate your interest/availability

I am excited to announce the hiring of a new minister and DRE but we need to hold off a bit longer because they need to give notice and inform their congregations of their departures.

Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, thank you for walking this path together.

—Jacki Weber
President, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica


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