June 2022 UUSM Board Highlights

2022-23 Board & NomCom

Summary by Larry Weiner | Board Secretary

The UUSM Board met on Tuesday June 14, 2022, by way of Zoom, to review committee work and the congregation’s overall operations.

Call To Order – Eileen McCormack, President

Board Members Attending:  Eileen McCormack, President; Norm Richey, Vice President; Vilma Ortiz, Treasurer; Larry Weiner Secretary; Members-at-Large: Siobhan Braybrook, Michael Monte, and Linda van Ligten and Past President, Beth Brownlie.

Congregational Member(s) Present: Teresa Castelli, Roberta Frye, Karl Lisovsky.

Lighting of Chalice, Opening Reading and Check-In – Beth Brownlie

Beth read the Second Principle (justice, equity and compassion in human relations) and the Third Source (recalling our respect for wisdom from the world’s religions, inspiring our ethical and spiritual life). The Church theme for the month is “Blessings.”

Membership – Norm Richey

New member(s): Karen Howard and Charles Masten were read into the rolls. Julia Jonathan is moving away.

Total Current Members: 254


A motion was unanimously passed to accept the Standing Reports and the May Board Minutes.

Minister’s Report for June

Jeremiah was absent because of illness. His report will be added when he is fully recovered.

Treasurer’s Report – Vilma Ortiz

Vilma reported that the income was as expected but that the expenses were lower, possibly causing the final deficit for the year to be somewhat less than predicted. The investment committee had requested that the Board decide on whether certain monies should be placed in long term investments or kept in more liquid accounts for the short term.


A motion was unanimously passed that the deficit reserve fund and the unrestricted saving accounts be kept in short term investments when they come to term.

Dining for Dollars – Karl Lisovsky

Karl came to inform the Board that D4$ was back up and running. He asked for the Board’s support. This led to a discussion of policy for members of the congregation to use our facilities for such events.

FIA and GA Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) – Roberta Frye

Roberta attended the meeting to inform the Board that the Faith in Action committee has decided to use $500 from their budget to support transportation needs for the Poor People’s Campaign. She also requested that the Board give its blessing to place our Church name on the PPC’s website as a supporter.


A motion was unanimously passed that UUSM endorse and support the Poor People’s Campaign by becoming a “Mobilizing Partner.” They can then place our name on their website.

Roberta agreed to do the work of signing us up.

Secretary’s Report – Larry Weiner

Larry reminded the Board about the process which he wants to institute moving forward regarding the minutes. He will do his best to produce the minutes of the Board Meetings within 48 hours. He requests that the members of the Board review them, paying special attention to reports they have given, to ensure that the minutes are correct. Board members should do so by Sunday night of the week of the meeting so that the minutes can be turned over to Philip Siddons for publishing as “Splinters from the Board” in the News Magazine.

Adult RE Report – Larry Weiner

Larry read the first paragraph of this linked report which establishes the committee’s goals and vision. He then mentioned that the bulk of the report was about what classes and workshops currently are being offered.

Board Liaisons – Eileen McCormack

The Board looked at the committees and discussed which committees currently have liaisons. Larry volunteered to take over as liaison for Adult RE. This conversation will be revisited. Eileen and Beth will recommend which committees or groups would benefit from having a Board liaison.

New Business – Eileen McCormack

Vilma suggested that the term of office for Board Members should be in line with the fiscal year which would be July 1 through June 30. She noted that this would be studied as a potential policy as part of our Developmental work.

Linda asked about the scope of Indigo’s job and who is supervising her. It was suggested that Nurit be her supervisor and that this idea should be reviewed by Jeremiah.


The motion was unanimously passed that the meeting be adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted
Larry Weiner, Board Secretary

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