From Our Minister: Commitment

Inevitably in our lives we commit ourselves to something, whether worthy or not. The direction and intensity of our loyalties give shape and meaning to our lives. Loyalties, commitments, covenants, the promises we make to one another: These are the things [that] tell us to what we belong. By doing so they tell us who we are.

  • Henry Nelson Wieman

Spring is in the air! Our church is filled with so much good news and positive energy at the start of this month, I’d like to share some of those blessings with you. Cleo Anderson, our Director of Religious Education, has received a UUA grant to support an innovative new skateboard ministry for our young people. Nurit Gordon, our Church Administrator, has secured additional financial grants and resources to support our congregation through this final stretch of the pandemic. Saunder Choi, our Director of Music, has received some exciting news which we will soon be able to share with all of us.

Our new Beloved Conversations anti-racism program is launching with almost twenty members of our beloved community participating in this first semester of the program. We are a community blessed by many successes and new opportunities to energize and refresh our spirits! Congratulations to our many leaders who are making a difference in our congregation and in the larger world.  I am hopeful the energies of springtime will continue to propel us all away from the long months of disease, fear, and conflict and into a brighter future of health, creativity, and renewal. 

Our congregational theme for March is “commitment,” which can be defined as dedicating oneself to a cause or course of action. Fidelity, devotion, and loyalty are all important concepts related to commitment. We make a variety of allegiances throughout the course of our lives and those loyalties shape our lives and help us to derive meaning from life. We may commit to being a parent, a partner, a volunteer, an agent of change, or the member of a particular group or religious tradition. Each commitment we make gives shape to our identities and our futures. Reflecting on our commitments can help us reconnect to the very essence of our lives. Our Soul Matters partners offer a few guiding questions to focus our reflections this month: What commitment has shaped you the most? What commitment most deeply defines you? What are the covenants/commitments you were born into? When we commit to one path, we leave some other path behind. Is there a “path not chosen” that still haunts you? Are you keeping a commitment that is limiting your growth? 

Pastoral Care is available if you are struggling and would like a non-judgemental and compassionate companion. You can request pastoral support or submit any joys, sorrows, or milestones for inclusion in community news and our Sunday services by emailing our pastoral leaders at

With love and commitment, 


Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae 

Developmental Minister 


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