Faith in Action: Helping Feed a Community in Need

Community Services Unlimited (CSU), a non-profit providing healthy food options to South LA, has been facing challenges during the “safer at home” order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UUSM Faith in Action members from Green Living and Social Action have supported CSU in building a Seed Library and Classroom out of the Veggie Bus, which housed their offices during remodeling of the Paul Robeson Wellness Center on Vermont Avenue. This location houses CSU’s produce market, catering kitchen, community center, and staff offices. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their after-school snack, exercise classes, catering, and all other programs except their produce program are shut down, reducing their revenue.

Francois organized a group of UUSM and USC folks who live on the Westside and arranged a CSU Produce Delivery to our garage in Santa Monica. The program complies with all the recommended precautions against COVID-19, and allows our 28 subscribers to continue to support CSU’s programs while receiving delicious organic produce every Friday!  Those who want to further support Angelenos who have become food insecure can purchase an extra bag to go to a family in need.

The photo is of Devon, our CSU delivery person, with the rows of grocery bags waiting to be picked up by our UUSM and USC Supporter/Subscribers. We enjoy the great produce, the chance to wave and exchange news with friends at a social distance, and the chance to support the valuable environmental justice and healthy living programs CSU provides!

Alison Kendall and Francois Bar



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