Brave Spaces: Mindful Social Practice and Authentic Allyship

Please join the Healthy Congregation Council in welcoming Jeremy Arnold, son of Board member Abby Arnold, to our church for a workshop on the topic of Microaggressions. Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D., defines these as “brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership.” The persons making the comments may be otherwise well-intentioned and unaware of the potential impact of their words. Jeremy will share tools for navigating fraught conversations, around marginalization, and maintaining positive relationships with fellow community members.

Jeremy, who was raised in our church, is currently Program Director at Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), an interfaith worker-justice nonprofit. At Tulane University, he studied critical perspectives including Critical Race Theory, Feminist Studies, Queer Theory, Marxist Analysis, New Media Theory, and New Historicism, and was the Community Outreach Director for the Tulane chapter of Amnesty International. Throughout his time in college, he worked in the restaurant and bar industry as well as with the local hotel workers’ union, Unite Here Local 23. In his role at CLUE, he supervises a team of community organizers who educate, organize, and mobilize religious communities to support workers and immigrants in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

We will meet on Sunday, February 2 at noon in the Warren Mathews Conference Center. For further information, please contact

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