Board Joins with Neighboring Congregations; Announces New Hires

Board Development Day at UUSM 2018
On September 8, our church and Board hosted a Board Development Day for our and other local UU churches. The Board learned more about implementing best practices.

The Board met on September 11 and reflected on the historical significance of this date.

There will be changes coming to our current communication methods. The purpose is to balance the volunteer hours needed with the need to keep members and friends informed in a timely manner, and to move the church more to current electronic communication methods.

New Hires
There are three new hires: two will be participating in Sunday services. The third person is Diego Andres, our new Thursday communications assistant.

New Committee
The Board voted to form a committee to implement a new restricted fund: The Young Adult Programming Fund. The committee is charged with three objectives: 1) to define a clear purpose for the fund; 2) identify a person responsible for disbursement of monies, and 3) to establish a sunset clause for the fund. These objectives will be also be a goal to apply to future restricted funds.

Other Discussion
The Board discussed ways to increase their visibility among the congregation. One main idea is to have board members read the Sunday announcements from the pulpit.

New Members
One new member was read into the minutes: Neelam Mullick. Please welcome her if you see her.

— Rebecca Crawford

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