Board Highlights for September 2019: A New Year and a New Minister Bring Change

Come, Come, whoever you are.

After check-in and reading the Board Covenant at the board meeting September 10, one new member was welcomed into the congregation: Frances Tibbits. Please welcome her when you see her.

Our new developmental minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, made his first Minister’s Report orally. In the future, he will also submit a written report. He mentioned his appreciation for the many welcomes he has received. He has meetings scheduled with numerous members already. He said that in his short time with us, he has gotten the impression that we are “over-functioning.” By this he meant that we are doing things with more urgency than necessary―but maybe it is his NoCal background.

In the Treasurer’s Report, Vilma Ortiz commented that pledge receipts so far this year are below projected levels. She also updated the board on efforts to create a texting option for Sunday donations. Soon, we will be able to donate quickly to Generous Congregation during the offertory: 40% goes to the selected Generous Congregation recipient organization, and 60% to the church.

UUSM Board President Jacki Weber reported on efforts to rejuvenate the Stewardship Committee, after it lost of some highly valued members. She received responses from nine people who are interested in a study group on money. Starting October 1, the group will discuss The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life, by Lynne Twist, in four parts―after Sunday services. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Jacki.

On September 22 there will be a calendaring meeting, led by Board Member at Large Nina Emerson. The goal is to coordinate the timing of church-wide activities to maximize reach and success. All concerned committees are strongly encouraged to have at least one member attend.

One service continues through October

Jacki and Rev. Jeremiah put forward a proposal to keep with a single worship service each Sunday for a little longer this fall. (Previous Ingathering Sundays instigated the switch to two-service Sundays.) Rev. Jeremiah’s calculations of attendance suggest that we all fit comfortably within the capacity of the Sanctuary on almost all Sundays. The advantage this offers is to put the whole congregation in the same space, with the inherent combined energy and connectedness that offers. The board moved to support the minister’s recommendation to stay at one service through the month of October. The hours that the Music and RE staff work will not change.

The Safety Task Force is still forming. Eileen McCormack, board liaison for this activity, is hoping to get one person from each of several groups, for example ushers. If you are interested, please contact her.

Norm Richey was excited to update us on the first series of Faith Forward classes. The first group of nine classes is called The Enquirer Series and will start on October 6. The target audience is repeat visitors. Visitor Meet-Up on Sundays remains the first step in welcoming visitors; then they join the Enquirer Series. The order of classes is flexible, so someone can join at any point. The classes include subjects such as UU history, social action at UUSM, and a campus tour. Members will be able to attend, but future Enquirer Series sessions will be more geared toward members.

The exterior entrance to the sanctuary will soon have new doors and two new windows, thanks to a generous special donor! The board voted that the Facilities Development and Maintenance Committee will acquire and install the doors and hardware.

A new welcome class, a new entryway, and a united ingathering―all quite fitting for an exciting year ahead.

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