Board Highlights January 2020: A New Board Member and Prepping for the Pledge Drive

January abundance
Larry Weiner
Say thanks to Larry Weiner for stepping up at a crucial time of year.

On January 14, the UUSM Board of Directors welcomed new Member at Large Larry Weiner. He replaces Nina Emerson, who resigned for health reasons. Attending board members took turns reading items from their new covenant, developed during their recent retreat.

The board did an initial run-through of the fiscal 2019–20 budget at a special meeting on January 7. At this early stage it was only possible to look at potential expenses. The income side awaits the results of the spring pledge drive.

The Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae reported that the sanctuary has on some Sundays exceeded capacity, and he is working with greeters and ushers to be sure seating is fully utilized. He was pleased with the reception of his “Jesus: The Radical” sermon, (email Sibylla Nash at to request a copy of the sermon $10) having received more requests for copies than any sermon he has preached (email Sibylla Nash at to request a copy of the sermon for $10). A safety plan was in place for the Christmas services, in order to coordinate responses in case of an emergency. Rev. Jeremiah instituted a more active staff appreciation effort around the holidays. He is currently working closely with the Stewardship Committee on the video portion of their pledge drive: they have already filmed a number of members’ comments.

UUSM Treasurer Vilma Ortiz reported that the Finance Committee will consider suggested changes to the proposed budget at its February 9 meeting. She proposed three motions: 1. to approve that the $30,000 from the estate of Ray Goodman be invested by UUSM in the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund (UUCEF), with earnings to go to the Minister’s Education Fund as per Ray’s wishes; 2. to approve that the pledge year be adjusted to match the church’s fiscal year, July 1 to June 30. Both these motions passed. Her third motion, to approve new procedures for rollover pledges (cases where Stewardship does not receive new instructions from a donor regarding their annual pledge), was tabled until February, so that President Jacki Weber could consult with staff at the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Member at Large Eileen McCormack, who is the board liaison to the Health and Safety Committee, reported the committee is well-staffed and actively working to develop a full-fledged safety plan.

Secretary Norm Richey presented a review of the first run of the nine-part Faith Forward membership-recruitment program. In general, it was well-received. He stated that, in addition to visitors, active members are encouraged to attend the next series of classes.

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