Board Highlights February 2020: Stewardship Drive and Compassionate Ministries Begin

On February 11, the Board met and discussed ongoing aspects of governance.

Usually the membership list is culled during January. This year it was delayed by a month because of our recent change in fiscal year. In the past, our fair share dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Annual Program Fund (APF) were determined by membership numbers. Members with no contribution of record for the calendar year were removed from the rolls reported to the UUA. The current method of assessment used by the UUA is based on our operating expense budget.

In his minister’s report,  Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae described that, although things have calmed down since the holidays, he and Board President, Jacki Weber, were busy with stewardship. The committee got activated from new beginnings, but needs a lot of assistance. Members of the Board are also involved in the stewardship kickoff – which will be March 22. Gerald Saldo and Eric Paesal, directed filming for the kickoff. The film was edited by our Director of Religious Exploration, Cleo Anderson, who was a film major in college. Many thanks go to new member, Frances Tibbits, for her efforts on behalf of stewardship.

Jeremiah has reinstated theme-based ministry. February’s theme is resilience. He also met with the groups who are involved with Sunday services, e.g. ushers, to find out how each group functions. He will put together a pamphlet/manual that lays out each responsibility. This meeting helped with his sense of the bigger picture. Jeremiah also finalized the compassionate ministries project. Beginning Monday, March 2, We Are Uno and UU Animal Ministries will prepare meals for the unhoused in the Forbes kitchen from 3-6 pm.

With regard to Pastoral Associates, Denise Helton was welcomed into this leadership committee.

The treasurer, Vilma Ortiz, reported that our finances are about on track. Pledge income is close to projected, and our expenses are lower than originally projected.

Board member, Eileen McCormack, reported that the Health and Safety task force is making progress with a plan.

Board Secretary, Norm Richey, was pleased with the attendance at the first meeting of the new round of Faith Forward. Members are welcome to attend these informative classes. Norm is also planning for a Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.

Vice-president, Beth Brownlie, reported of happenings with facilities. The new sanctuary doors and windows are almost completed. The committee is developing a 1000-day calendar for building needs. The heating system is highest on the list.

In her report, DRE Cleo mentioned her book group to discuss The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls, by Mona Eltahawy

A discussion of General Assembly came up. The meeting will be in Providence, RI, June 24-28. The church is allowed up to six delegates. If you are interested in attending as a delegate, see Jacki Weber.


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