Beloved Conversations: Meditations on Race and Ethnicity – Register by Aug. 26

In 2020, our UUSM Board of Directors authorized our Intersectional Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Commission to begin laying the foundation for us to more effectively engage with this critical work. Our first programmatic offering was Beloved Conversations. This faith-formation, anti-racism program offered by the Unitarian Universalist seminary in Chicago, Meadville Lombard Theological School, included more than 1,200 virtual learners in the first phase last fall. Over the last two years, more than 30 people from our congregation have participated in at least one of the four fall or spring sessions of biweekly meetings with UUs from across the country!

Participants meet online monthly for large group worship and discussion — with lessons published every two weeks — as well as in biweekly small-group check-ins. In the program’s current phase, “Within,” we engage with a personal exploration of race and our work for racial justice. In Beloved Conversations, we are here to heal the impact of racism on our lives.

A new fall session is starting online September 12, “Un/Learning for Liberation” for White people and “Gathering Our Selves” for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and other racially targeted people (BIPOC).

Rev. Jeremiah is again encouraging us to participate in this experience of connection and spiritual development. Scholarship funds are available! If you are registering now, or have done so already, please email Office Administrator Nurit Gordon. Add a note to request funding. Folks need to register on their own at the Meadville website, links are below. Full and partial scholarships are also available from Meadville Lombard.

Here’s your invitation, with links for details and signing up.

Beloved Conversations: The Fall Term of Within!

Registration for the next term of Beloved Conversations Virtual: Within is open NOW!

If you have not completed both Terms of Within, we would love to have you (and everyone you know!) join us for the Fall Term of the first phase of our program, a continued focus on personal learning and growth and building community!

Fall Term Within Registration for Everyone: June 22, 2022- August 26, 2022 at

Fall Term Within Begins: September 12, 2022

Fall Term Within Ends: December 5, 2022

Cost: $250 USD per person (lay folks and religious professionals). White folks and anyone with economic privileges/ample professional expenses will be encouraged to pay more. Full and partial scholarships are widely available and easily accessible. Email JeKaren Olaoya at to request a scholarship.

Register early and save!

Alums Register early and save! As a bonus, Beloved Conversations Alums can register early for another term of Within for the Fall of 2022 with a special 20% discount, as a thank you for continuing to be a part of our learning community, using a special coupon code: BCVALUMF22

Early Bird Registration! Anyone can save 10% off by registering between now and August 12th with the coupon code FALL22BCVEB

Learn more about Within and register NOW at

If you have questions or need assistance with anything related to the program, please email JeKaren Olaoya at

We are so grateful to be together in community!

In gratitude,
Your Beloved Conversations Virtual Design Team

BCV WITHIN for BIPOC I Fall 2022
Beloved Conversations Virtual – WITHIN for BIPOC – Gathering Our Selves I – Click here to register for Fall 2022
Beloved Conversations Virtual – WITHIN for BIPOC – Gathering Our Selves II – Click here to register for Fall 2022
BCV WITHIN for White People Fall 2022
Beloved Conversations Virtual – WITHIN for White People – Un/Learning for Liberation – Click here to register for Fall 2022

Beloved Conversations

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