Beloved Conversations Explore Personal Work for Racial Justice

Help heal the impact of racism on our lives by participating in an extraordinary online program called Beloved Conversations. One of its strengths is that classes are geared towards a multitude of learning styles. We are offered readings, poems, music, art ideas, journaling prompts, YouTube videos, and more; you’ll choose what’s calling to you. There’s home study as well as small-group, community-building discussions of hard questions with UUs across the continent and locally.

UUSM logoRev. Jeremiah is encouraging us to join this experience of connection and spiritual development. The Fall session starts online September 12: “Un-Learning for Liberation” for White people and “Gathering Our Selves” for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and other racially targeted people (BIPOC).


May we tell you more about it? Here’s a trio of options (two links to click on plus an invitation):

  • ⇒ Read this article! What Are Beloved Conversations? The what and the why, the heart of the matter.
  • ⇒ Then read this article! Beloved Conversations: Meditations on Race and Ethnicity – Register by Aug. 26. Program specifics and registration link. Scholarship funds are available for the 4-month session.
  • We’re very interested in hearing from you and talking with you about a faith-development process that’s important to us — and to the future of our congregation and to our world. Reach out by phone or email, or look for us at church on Sunday: Siobhan Braybrook, Amy Brunell, Peter Capone-Newton, and Norm Richey.


If we believe in our 7 Principles and liberal values as a faith tradition, we have to train ourselves into diverse ways of thinking and operating. Nothing will change if we don’t do the work to extract ourselves from the way we think and behave.