August 2018 Board Report: Board Tackles Staff Turnover; Approves Committee Charters

The board met on August 14 after taking a break in July.

Reports from committees included updates on finding replacements for our Director of Music and our Communications Coordinator; the searches are moving rapidly and replacements will likely be announced soon. The candidates for the jobs are very accomplished.

The church has received $100,000 from the Ralph Meyers Estate, and it has been apportioned according to the Committee on Money requirements.

Several committee charters were received and approved, including Worship Associates, Pastoral Care Associates, and Adult Religious Exploration. Such charters will be available on our website under the “Policies and Procedures” section.

Three new members were read into the minutes: Barbara Gluck, Lois Ganner, and John Laslett. I hope you have a chance to welcome them, when you see them.

A very experienced advisory team for our intern, Robin Stillwater, is in place. We look forward to welcoming her in September.

The board will host a “Board Professional Day” on September 8, which will be led by UUA regional staff member, the Rev. Jonipher Kwong, and attended by the boards of several UU churches.

The board retreat will be held in October (specific date to be determined)

If you would like to keep up on board doings, you can find postings in the “For Members” section at the UUSM website, under “Board Documents.””

— Rebecca Crawford

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