Why Do Teachers Teach in Our UU Congregations?

kathleen hogue

“…what came to me in the night was the realization that I don’t “do” religious education because I’ve mastered a lot of theory about it, although I have mastered some. I “do” religious education because of experiences which have shaped and transformed me, and continue to do so as I continue to reflect on them.”
— Betty Jo Middleton

kathleen hogueThey teach because they want to nurture their own spiritual development. What better way to learn about your own spirit than to teach others about theirs? They teach because they have a passion for social justice. What better way to change the future than to raise the next generation to care deeply about justice work? They teach because they have a need to connect and find a sense of belonging. What better way is there to connect than to be a part of a community of love and support that is found in our religious exploration (RE) programs? Mostly, I hear that our teachers come back year after year because they are committed to making a difference in our world.

“It is more important than ever, in this particular moment in time, given the current political climate, urgency for social justice and the ongoing struggle for sexuality and gender equality that our children and youth have strong, committed leaders to help lead them soundly into understanding their own spiritual and moral compass!”
— Katie Maedke Hall

I, too, was a volunteer teacher at a UU congregation in Tucson, Arizona many years ago. I remember that first day I attended and stayed with my daughter, Kat, in her classroom. I helped the teacher with activities, snack, singing, etc. The next day, I got a call from the RE director. She said they really needed someone like me to teach. She invited me to join a teaching team. I laughed and informed her that I had never been to a UU church, knew nothing about it, and had no teaching credentials. She told me that made me perfect for the job! I guess she was right because look where I am now.

We need you! We are in need of teachers for our Spirit Explorers class (Grades 3 to 5) and our middle school class. Teachers are trained and supported all year round and all supplies are provided. You will work with a team of four teachers so you would be in the classroom up to two times per month. And…you need not miss a service since we have two of them!

Come teach with us! Email Kathleen Hogue, uusmdre@gmail.com

— Kathleen Hogue

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