Welcome, New Members!

Our church welcomed six new members this past December 16: Erika Scremin, Dan Wunsch, Julia Barnett, Chuck Craig, Cedar Boschan, and Barbara Gluck.

We are reminded that the Welcoming Ceremony isn’t just about joining our church. It’s a multifaceted commitment, spanning our congregation, ourselves, and our world. It’s a commitment to secure the health of our church community through financial investment and voluntary support as each is willing, motivated, and able. It’s a commitment to personal growth in wisdom and the practice of relating to each other with acceptance and respect. It’s also a commitment towards social justice, a part of our grand mission.

So let us welcome, with wide arms, these six individuals who have found not just value in our church, but also personal fulfillment in joining us. We are all called to reach out to each one of these new members and invite them to participate in our grand adventure together.

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