UUSM the Vote 2022 Update

Reclaim Our Vote Postcards

UU the Vote

About Us:

We are the UUSM contingent of the “UU the Vote” – an initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Association (info at www.uuthevote.org) We are working together to address participation in our democracy in a values-driven nonpartisan way.

We are working to pass pro-democracy bills, take action to support voting and combat voter suppression, and work towards the elimination of barriers to building political power in marginalized communities.

This is a plug-and-play program. We’re providing the organizing muscle: the opportunities, the lists, the materials, even the stamps for postcard writing!

Overall Priorities:

Generally speaking, we are mobilizing to promote democratic participation. Especially in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida. We are also responding to specific requests to support the For the People Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and DC Statehood.

Reclaim Our Vote Postcards by Brad - Instagram
Brad Hutchinson writing postcards

Current Campaign:

We are working with UUA partner the Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote Program (reclaimourvote.org). We are participating in their campaign to contact and get out the vote for 1.2 million registered but infrequent Black voters in St. Lucie County, Florida, in advance of their August primary. Postcards will mail August 1-8, 2022!

  • We are urging early voting and bringing ID to avoid Election Day challenges and intimidation.
  • Primary voting greatly increases the likelihood of voting in the General Election.
  • Florida voters are at risk of being de-registered, should they miss two federal elections.
  • Contacting these voters with reasons to vote and polling information helps reverse the cycle of disenfranchisement and underrepresentation.

Dollars and Cents:

There is no cost to participate in this program! We are accepting donations to cover postage, materials, and organizing efforts. Make checks payable to Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica and put UU the Vote in the memo line. You can also drop cash in a donation box at our Sunday table and you can go to the DONATE link above and click on the DONATE ONLINE button or text to give at 844-982-0209 with the amount you’d like to donate and the letters UTV (e.g., to give $20, text “20 UUV”).

UUSM the Vote Kick-Off meeting, May 29, 2022
UUSM the Vote Kick-Off meeting, May 29, 2022

For More Info:

  • Join the UU the Vote Organizing Team or get letter writing materials – Jacki Weber (choose UU the Vote)
  • Host a Postcard Party – Judith Martin-Straw
  • Pick up materials in your area:
    • Santa Monica – JackI Weber
    • Culver City – TBD
    • Mar Vista – TBD