UUSM Strikes for Climate Justice

Youth-led Climate strikeMembers of UUSM’s Faith In Action and Green Living committees walked along with UUSM youth in the September 20 Youth Climate Strike in Downtown Los Angeles. Traveling by Metro, bicycle, and hybrid car, UUSM marchers joined friends from Climate Action Santa Monica and UU of SCV at the rendezvous. We then joined a sea of young climate strikers, along with millions of activists around the world. Signs included: “Time is running out,”  “Sea levels are rising and so are we,” “You will die of old age, your children will die of climate change.” Two favorites:  “Global warming is sooo uncool” and “Save the only planet with pizza!”

After marching uphill and down in a seemingly random path possibly designed to completely disrupt downtown traffic, marchers converged at the shady southern lawn of City Hall. It was a sea of bodies and signs joined in a single voice for climate justice.

Alison Kendall
Chair, Green Living Committee


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