UUSM 2022 Pledge Drive Matching Grant Announced!

Dear Beloved Community,

There’s still time to make your pledge for the 2022 pledge drive, which we’d planned to finish up this weekend, until we heard from an old friend who put up a super generous challenge grant and gave us until May 10th to fulfill it.

I wanted to let you know right away because THE IMPACT OF YOUR PLEDGE TODAY COULD BE DOUBLED.

A longtime former church member* (now living in Connecticut but still keeping up with us) has offered to MATCH YOUR BRAND NEW OR INCREASED PLEDGE DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR when you respond here —  https://www.uusm.org/2022pledgedrive — or return your pledge card by mail today.

Here’s how you can double your impact:

  1. If you are already a pledging member, increase your pledge by $20/month or more and he’ll match it dollar for dollar.
  2. If you do not have a pledge on file, make one. As long as you are contributing $100/mo or more, he’ll match it.
  3. If you’ve already made your pledge for this year and you’ve left it the same, see number one above!

You must respond by May 10th to have your impact doubled.

Jim loves UUSM — as I’m sure you do. That’s why he stepped up with this dollar-for-dollar matching challenge. He heard that rental income had evaporated because of the pandemic, and thought that a grant like this would help us emerge from COVID a little stronger.

Let’s take him up on his generous offer and max out his challenge!

Again, you can respond here. Increase your pledge by at least $20/month or make a brand new pledge. He’ll match it dollar for dollar as long as you respond NOW.

Thank you for strengthening this community with your pledge.

This Sunday, help Patrick Meighan and friends make Lunches for Bunches for our homeless neighbors and then drop by the stewardship table to return your pledge card and get a treat! $5 Trader Joe’s gift cards and candy while they last!

Yours in ministry,

Jeremiah                                                         Beth
Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae                                 Beth Brownlie
Developmental Minister                                President of the Congregation

* You may remember Jim Cadwell from ’95 to ’05. He’s just a fantastic guy, and a dedicated UU, and he made a tremendous difference in helping to build the UUSM we know today (from the original website build to the cottage on our campus)! Jim still visits on occasion, and I’m trying to convince him to send video greetings from Connecticut.



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