UUs Step Up for Camp de Benneville Pines

deBenneville Pines Camp Fundraiser

deBenneville Pines Camp Fundraiser

Karl Lisovsky and family have been spending UUSM Family Retreat weekend at Camp de Benneville for about 25 years. Lesley Kernochan spent weeks on the mountain when she was a teenager, and has recently been a camp counselor there. They both have deep attachments to our church retreat, UU Camp de Benneville Pines.

The two have been collaborating musically recently, with Lesley bringing vocals, instrumentation, and creative ideas to original songs of Kai Landauer (Karl’s artist’s name). When they heard that de Benneville was running out of money as a result of having to shut down because of COVID, they decided to offer a fundraiser.

With UUSM Sunday worship services in mind as a model, they held a Facebook live event, a concert among the trees and flowers behind Karl and Janet’s house. Karl and Lesley produced a short but satisfying concert of four original songs. Lots of people tuned in to the show.

De Benneville Pines tells us that $1,550 was raised in donations, possibly with more to come. Furthermore, because of a dollar-for-dollar matching gift grant program, these donations will count double.

UUSM has done well in efforts to keep alive our beloved UUCamp at 7,000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains, which narrowly escaped any serious damage from the El Dorado fire (see Camp Director Janet James’ post). We wish for it a wonderful and verdant future.

You can watch the concert video on Facebook or YouTube and make a donation at uucamp/contribute.

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