The Unthinkable Mind with Judith Martin-Straw, Thursday Nights


Hot on the heels of the very successful Artist’s Way group, Judith Martin-Straw is again offering a great workshop for the creative artist in all of us. “The Unthinkable Mind” will be rooted in Lynda Barry’s book “Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor.”

The book is a remarkably fun, handwritten-style composition book filled with ideas, scribbles, color, and notes which serves to richly inspire authors and visual artists. You’ll find yourself flipping from wild page to wilder page with deepening amusement. But the goals are clear: you are coaxed into seeing things from new perspectives; making fascinating connections; drawing unexpected conclusions; and putting feelers into the unknown. Let your mind feast at the table of unlimited possibilities! And who better to partner in your creative journey, but with your UUSM family!

For the month-long, Thursday night workshop, Judith will treat us to fun exercises in perception, memory, some delightful cognitive gymnastics, and unbounded creativity.

Judith has been writing and teaching for decades. She has been a member of the church since 1999, and this is her first time using Lynda Barry’s book as a text for a creativity class. Sign-ups are limited to 15 people. So please, sign up soon! Here is also your chance to work with Judith if you missed her recent class on The Artist’s Way.

In addition, if you are of limited funds, we may have the ability to purchase the book for you. Let know of your needs ahead of time when you sign up.

This workshop will be on every Thursday Night in February, from 7-8:30pm.


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