The Intersections of Social and Personal Identities in “The Hate U Give”

The Hate You Give cover

The Hate You Give coverAdult Religious Exploration Committee presents a new book discussion group: “The Intersections of Social and Personal Identities: The Hate U Give.”

Please join us to discuss Angie Thomas’ award-winning debut novel, The Hate U Give, which depicts the efforts of 16-year old Starr Carter to cope with personal and societal upheaval in the aftermath of the police shooting of a friend. Issues of identity, including race, class and age, and the values of community, loyalty and  integrity, are all implicated in this 2019 selection for Santa Monica Public Library’s Santa Monica Reads.

While this offering is directed to adult participants, it is equally appropriate for mature teenagers, who are very welcome. Learning objectives include: Enjoy reading a good book, have fun together in a relaxed, inter-generational setting, voice our own perspectives and actively listen to differing opinions, grow community, appreciate the American experience through the lens of a Black teenage girl, enhance our awareness of systemic oppression, and consider our obligations as UUs in the struggle for justice.

The class, facilitated by Melinda Ewen and Audrey Lyness, will meet in Forbes Hall on Wednesday, August 14, from 7-9pm. Books are available for sale for $11.00 at the R.E. Table in Forbes Hall, and please sign up there to attend.

For more information, please contact, including the book title in the subject line.

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