The Challenges of Parenting: Building Resilience, With Resa Foreman

Parenting can be a joyous experience, allowing us to love another in a most profound way.  It can also be exhausting. Good parenting requires patience, empathy, and attunement to the particular needs of your child. This past year presented additional challenges brought on by COVID-19, causing families to spend long stretches of time together with no breaks and little opportunity to rejuvenate. Alone time and self- care are essential tools for building resilience as parents. By nurturing ourselves through exercise, reading, meditation, friendships, hobbies, we can center ourselves, regulate our emotions, take a breath, and  better face the challenges of parenting our beautiful and unique children.

RESA FOREMAN was a therapist for Kaiser Permanente for 40 years and has recently retired. “It has been a privilege to help and support thousands of clients both individually and in groups. It was very rewarding to encourage my clients to be their authentic selves and succeed in whatever path they chose.” Resa ran a Couples Communication Class for 38 years and has led many other groups. Her specialties include Adult ADHD, parenting special needs children (depressed, learning disabled, ADHD, ASD, oppositional), and Couples Therapy.

Resa is also the parent of a Special Needs Adult and she reports that her journey has been challenging.

“My goal in leading this class is to empower parents by building resilience in the face of challenging situations. Topics discussed might be self-care, improved communication strategies, self regulation, and acceptance of your child with their unique personalities. Participants are invited to share their stories, their triumphs, and their challenges. Hope you can join us.”

Dates, Time, Location and Contact:

Wednesdays, June 16, 23, and 30

from 6:00-7:30 pm

On Zoom

For Zoom link, please contact our DRE Assistant Teri Lucas at

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