The Artist’s Way, A Group with Judith Martin-Shaw

Break the blockages within that prevent us from being the master artists we were all born to be.

We invite you to join us in a path called The Artist’s Way, facilitated by Judith Martin-Shaw. Using simple tools, writing, discussion, exploration, we can begin to access our identities as creators and put those energies to use in any (or all) parts of life. We will do so by dedicating ourselves to a kaleidoscope of self-freeing writing exercises. These writing exercises will affect your creative lives outside of writing too – including music, visual art, and even dancing.

The Artist’s Way is still a best-seller after 25 years in print, it’s an experience that might change anything, and might change everything. With the subtitle “A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,” it’s significant for people who feel that traditional religion does not give them what they need.

As Judith Martin-Shaw tells us of her journey with this book,

“I first did the Artist’s Way with one friend. We met for breakfast once a week to ‘turn in our homework’ and talk. It was a huge experience in growth for both of us. Years later, I took it as a class at a bookstore with a very experienced teacher and about 40 other students. Again, it was a quantum leap in being able to use my own creativity to open my life. Some years later, I offered to teach it to a group at my yoga studio, and most of the people in the class reported very significant positive changes. I felt I got as much out of teaching it as they did while doing the work. Every time I’ve done it, I’ve been very glad that I did.”

The Artist’s Way will be taught by Judith as a 10-week class in creativity that can open your mind to the best of your inner self, an assisted spiritual recovery through becoming the brilliant creators we were born to be. While the class is only scheduled for a short time, you may be surprised at the amount of self-discovery you can experience in that time frame.

This creative path will help us in a myriad of ways. You will hopefully begin to cultivate a new life: Uncover the limitless possibilities of creativity; Recover your beautiful nature, linked with your innate power and strength; Sculpt a life of integrity and foster deep connections; Eliminate the lie of perfectionism and live comfortably with risk; Undo the self-defeating feelings of jealousy, distrust, and doubt; Enhance your compassion towards yourself and others; And build faithful trust in yourself and welcome abundance and success.

Not everyone who uses The Artist’s Way has a breakthrough, however. But Elizabeth Gilbert said it was what got her to write “Eat, Pray, Love.”

As someone who has enjoyed this workbook from just about every angle – reader, student, teacher, and returning pilgrim – Judith feels as if there is no limit to the amount of good that can come from sincere reflection.

We hope and have faith that you will find it delightful, useful, and self-inspiring. It will be held on Thursday evenings on Zoom, 7 to 9 pm, starting Sept. 23, 2021.You do have to commit to all 10 sessions, and it is a closed group after the first meeting. You’ll be asked to commit to a daily writing exercise, which will hopefully start your new life-long journey into being who you truly are – an inspired creator.

Please purchase the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, from any independent bookseller (the 25th Anniversary edition is now available!)

Any questions or signups? Email with ‘Artist’s Way’ in the subject line.

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