Praise The Journey

journey: an act of traveling from one place to another. 

This definition of journey is not complete. It suggests that a journey is a physical act of movement. For me a journey can also be of the mind or of the spirit, as the hymn “Sing out Praises for the Journey” suggests. 

“Sing out praises for the journey, pilgrims, we, who carry on,
searchers in the soul’s deep yearnings, like our forebears in their time.
We seek out the spirit’s wholeness in the endless human quest.” – STLT #295

Literally speaking, the longest journey I have ever taken was from Cleveland Ohio to Tucson Arizona, back in January of 1994. It took four days to drive 2007 miles with two kids in a moving truck. Add bad weather, and being four months pregnant, and it seemed like a really long journey. My family embarked on this incredible journey because of my health. We were seeking a warmer, drier climate for my lungs, and we were hoping not to lose the baby I was carrying, after having lost two already. My husband and I had a 37 year age difference, so we were also seeking a new life where we were accepted and not judged for that or for my son’s disability. We left behind all the people and family we knew.  We left a home and work with steady income for something completely unknown. 

“Stand we now upon the threshold, facing futures yet unknown.
Hearth behind us, wayside hostel built by those who knew wild roads.
Guard we e’er their sacred embers carried in our minds and hearts.” – STLT #295 

We spent the first three weeks in a hotel, and nearly ran out of money. But the journey to Tucson ended up being a good choice. Eventually we found work, a place to live, services for my son and we had a healthy baby. We formed friendships and found the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson. I cannot imagine what life would have been like had we not chosen this road. Then, I took another journey; not too far geographically, but definitely a journey of the spirit, when I moved here to be your DRE. 

 Here at UUSM we have chosen to journey together in love and fellowship, knowing that we have come from many different paths and knowing also that we may take many different paths from here. But for now, we journey together having found a common purpose: to seek truth, to be of service, to work for peace, justice and freedom.

“Look inside, your soul’s the kindling of the hearth fire pilgrims knew.
Find the spirit, always restless, find it in each mind and heart.
Touch and hold that ancient yearning, kindling for a newfound truth.” – STLT #295

We journey our whole lives. From birth, childhood, and school, to work, relationships and even death, our journeys are truly lifespan. And the whole trip is a learning opportunity- always a chance for new experiences and growth.  In the next couple of months I invite you to come explore with us. Here are just some of the opportunities:

Writing a Memoir: A Journey to UU with Leonard Cachola- Want to learn how to write and publish you religious journey? Come to this presentation by an accomplished writer. 

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education for Adults of all Ages and Stages – ages 18 – 98  Join with other adults to fully consider this vital aspect of being a whole person.  O.W.L. is fun and engaging too… we promise! When:  Four Saturday sessions: April 6 & 27, May 11, June 1 (Forbes Hall), Followed by five sessions in the fall. 

Awakening the Sage Within This workshop with Connie Zweig, PhD, will introduce aging as a spiritual journey, our images/fears of aging, harvesting wisdom from our life review, forgiveness to release the past, and facing our mortality. 

“Come you accidental pilgrims, you who find yourself on a journey of surprise and wonder. Come you who emerge into this place as an act of liberation…

This path will ask much from us. Let us move forward with love. Let us move forward with appreciation for one another. Let us move forward knowing we are not alone. Whoever you are, whatever your gifts, you are welcome to join this journey.” – Lyn Cox

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