Leadership Training with Kikanza Nuri-Robins

We cordially invite you to cultivate and refine what you already naturally have: the qualities of leadership.

The jazz ensemble takes the stage, acknowledging each other as talented equals in their musical endeavor. With a sequenced finger snap, they burst into the theme together, working from a book of famous standards. Riding along with the collective energy, each soloist then takes turns leading with their improvised interpretation of the melody, all with respect to the dance of set chord changes in a carefully measured number of bars. It’s a part of the plan to have no artistic planning. Everyone supports each other’s fresh interpretation, keeping the pulsing rhythm. Improvisation is both a risk and a thrill, as each musician hopes to inspire and delight both their band mates and their audience. Finally they all flow back into the melodic theme together for a rousing and impressive finish. There isn’t just one star of the show in jazz. It’s a star team.

What is true of jazz, is often true for the leadership of a modern organization. We do not desire or require a top down hierarchy. We cannot abide by imposed rules, micromanagement, and the tragic crimp on creativity that had masqueraded as leadership. Today’s leaders are masters of trusting collaboration, brilliant improvisation, shared leadership, and personal humility.

It’s about relationships.

We joyously announce that Kikanza Nuri-Robins will be offering “Leadership Training,” a set of three classes starting on Wednesday, April 28 that will help the participants develop their natural innate skills at leadership. The three classes will be stand-alone, so you may attend all groups or just a couple. Even if you feel inadequate, remember that many great leaders had their quirky and awkward starts. This will be far more than just an academic learning experience. Rather, it will be a self-discovery and understanding of one’s own qualities and perspectives when working with teams.

If no one is following, you are not leading.

There are many qualities we can cultivate to become brilliant leaders. But we are not alone in any leadership endeavor. We become stronger leaders when we work together, knowing that the outcome of our collective efforts far outweighs the sum of what we can do alone. And most important, we need one another, sharing special insights, talents, and unique gifts. A leadership role is an enriching invitation to collaborate with others who will teach, inspire, and delight.

Communicate your vision in language that people will understand.

Our world is full of surprises and challenges, many of which are pressing. Sometimes we feel compelled to take a stand and address them, and sometimes we are thrown headlong into a leadership role, ready or not. Leadership training helps us to get in touch with who we are in relationship with others whom we work with, in order to affect positive changes. Together we can make a more impactful difference, changing our world according to the group’s agreed upon and shared vision.

If you feel ready to meet the lively challenge, contact Teri Lucas at UUSMREAssist@gmail.com, and she will add you to the participant list. The Zoom link will be forwarded to you a few days before the meeting.


Three unique, stand-alone Zoom classes from 7-8:30 pm:

  • Wednesday: April 28
  • Tuesday: May 4
  • Wednesday: May 12

Facilitator: Kikanza Nuri-Robins

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