Join the Fun! October Youth RE Events

A look back at September adventures

In September, kids and families were out in force at our first Faith In Action Beach Clean-Up day. We picked up a lot of trash from our beach, Annenberg North Beach, and enjoyed some well-earned lunch and cookies. Kids had an amazing time at Camp de Benneville Pines during our UUSM Community Camp on September 16-18. Youth from RE hiked to the fairy forest and did tons of archery, tie-dye, and swimming. The Talent Show was Ah-Mazing!  On the last Sunday of the month, we had a gardening day on the UUSM campus and planted lots of seeds and tiny plants. Thank you to Liz and Emerson for leading that activity! And a big thank you to Lorenzo Pelayo for putting in a new drip irrigation for our little plants. Come by soon to watch them grow!

UU kids fun gardening UU kids Beach Cleanup


What to know about Sundays in the Cottage

While we get used to being back in person on Sundays, we’re gathering in the Sanctuary. Then right after the Story for All Ages, we head over to the Cottage. Jacki Weber and friends are leading the kids in yoga, song, reflection, games, and SNACK!

All about October

Check out the AWESOME list of activities in October below. What to join in? Contact Youth RE and let us know (if you can) so we’re ready to receive you and your amazing kids. 

October 2: Blessing of the Animals, our Multigenerational Worship in the Sanctuary. Kids and well-behaved pets are most welcome to stay for the entire service. But if you have a nonhuman family member who would be too nervous, bring a picture to be blessed from afar. You can also bring stuffies, lovies, and other objects that bring you comfort so that they may be blessed.  

First Friday flyerOctober 7: (FRIDAY) First Friday Fun & Games! Dinner and mayhem provided. Dinner is at 6:00 pm, and games at 6:30! RSVP now so we can let you know what to expect and where to park.

October 9: Our focus for Faith in Action this month is “Serve our Elders.” How can we serve our elders this month? Let’s have conversations with them! Many of our church friends are 70+ and boy howdy, do they have some stories. Join us in the Cottage after the Story for All Ages to make cookies/treat bags for our elders in the church. Then we will join them after the service and maybe even record some of the more-interesting tales. 

October 16: We’ll do our usual thing in the Cottage and talk about our ancestors, as we prepare for our next multigenerational Worship Service marking Día Del Los Muertos, on October 30.

October 23: Again, meet in the Sanctuary and progress to the Cottage after the Story for All Ages. Then we’ll head out to the patio for some more gardening! Yay! We will check in on our seedlings and plants and do even more planting!

October 30: Our Multigenerational Worship Service respectfully celebrates Día Del Los Muertos with costumes and traditional tributes to our ancestors! Come and participate in building the ofrenda, while we learn about the traditions of our neighbors in Mexico.

November 4: Save the date for ANOTHER First Friday Fun & Games! Dinner and mayhem provided. Dinner’s at 6:00 pm, and games at 6:30! RSVP now so we can let you know what to expect and where to park.

Don’t miss out!