Generous Congregation and Youth RE Join Forces for UUSC Guest at Your Table


The children and youth of UU Santa Monica have chosen the Generous Congregation recipient organization for November: The Unitarian Universalist Service Commitee’s (UUSC) Guest at Your Table program. The Guest at Your Table initiative is UUSC’s longest-running fundraising and education program, bringing together UUs of all ages across the country and around the world to raise money for UUSC Partners who are addressing injustices in their own communities.

Donations provide medical, emotional, and psycho-social support to women and survivors of violence and exploitation. They support adaptations to climate change for people with disabilities. They Increase access to safe water and sanitation after natural disasters. And much more.

The injustices and crises of the past few years have underscored the importance of our shared goal: a world free from oppression, where all can realize their full human rights. This is a huge task. UUSC strategically supports grassroots human rights organizations across the globe building a more just world for all.

During the month of November we encourage you to learn more about Guest at Your Table and take home a Guest at Your Table collection box (available after the service on the patio). As a community, we will think of the “guests” (our neighbors in so many places across the globe) during mealtimes. Every time you have dinner—right on through the holiday season—you are invited to drop some money into the box. Whether it’s $1 a meal or $20, your donation represents mindful consideration of our neighbors struggling for human rights.

Every dollar will make a difference because 100% of the funds from the collection boxes will go to UUSC in the new year.


Generous Congregation

Of course, you can also give in-person on Sundays during the offertory; or via text or online to UUSM’s Generous Congregation program. Our practice here at UUSM is to dedicate half of our non-pledge Sunday offerings to organizations doing work in the world that advances our Unitarian Universalist principles; the other 50% of the offering is used to support the life of our church.

UUSM’s Generous Congregation supports our church community. And together, we uplift the reach and impact of vital organizations doing work we could not do on our own. Half of your Generous Congregation donations this month will help advance community-led human rights initiatives around the world.

Please consider supporting the mission of our church, and the UUSC. To give right now, text “$25 GCC” to 844-982-0209. (One-time-only credit card registration required.) For other options, visit our website at


UUSM GCC for November 2022 is UUSC Guest at Your Table