First Friday Family Fun: Great Food and Fellowship, Thanks to Women+Community

Kids build gumdrop sculptures at First Friday Fun night

Three cheers for the Women+Community and friends, who hosted UUSM’s very first First Friday Fun and Games night for families. It was a night for parents not to have to cook (yay!), and the kids had a blast!

A dozen families came together in-person to enjoy themselves and each other’s company. The parents chatted and chilled with other adults, and kids got to play! The evening rated FIVE stars for food, fun, fellowship, and new friends.

We played The Floor is Lava, Sorry, and built gumdrop structures.  A new “hospitality ministry” was born, as an awesome group of hosts provided lasagna, mac ‘n’ cheese, fruit salad, and fresh-baked cookies. Many thanks are due the Women+Community, who hosted, and the other adults who joined in to make ample food, set up and clean up, host shenanigans, and welcome families!

Join us for the next First Friday Fun and Games event on November 4 at 6:00 pm! There are so many ways you can be a part of nurturing families at UUSM:

  • Help cook, serve, set up, or clean up in the kitchen or the cottage.
  • Be on the welcoming committee to help people park and get name tags.
  • Contribute to Youth RE! (You can Zelle funds to and say it’s for Youth RE)
  • Bring your kids, grandkids, or neighbor’s kids! 
  • Bring your exotic pet! (But sign up in advance so we don’t have snakes and rodents or cats and bunnies at the same time.

Contact the First Friday Fun folks to connect.