Continuing Our Beloved Conversations

In the last year and half, the Beloved Conversations program has provided opportunities for UUSM members and friends to delve more deeply into understanding and confronting racism — in our own lives, in the history that has shaped to world we know, and in current struggles to overcome oppression in our society. Many of us have participated in one or more terms of this challenging and transformative learning, a significant commitment of time and energy. And even as our congregation (and the wider UU movement) have long been allies to the struggle for racial equity and justice, we know there is more to do. To respond more fully to the call and live our principles with integrity, we must also continue to look within ourselves and our community, as the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change advises.

Everyone who has participated in at least one semester of Beloved Conversations is warmly invited to join a congregational gathering on Sunday, Dec. 4th at 4:30 PM (via Zoom) to connect, share, and look toward what is next. We will have an opportunity to check in with one another and share how learning from the program may continue to inform and challenge us. And we will talk about what may be coming next in our own personal work as well as in the larger work of our congregation, including the next phase of BC, recommendations from the UUA, possible local events, and your ideas.

The Zoom link will be sent to all who have participated in Beloved Conversations. Contact Adult RE for more information.

This conversation will be co-sponsored by the Adult Programs Committee (Adult RE) and the Intersectional Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Commission (IARAO) and facilitated by Amy Brunell, Beth Rendeiro, and James Witker.