Connecting to a Brighter Future

LA Aquaduct Connects UsDear UUSM Friends,

The church has held an important place in our hearts. We’ve been with it in good times and hard times. And it – because it is all of us – has been with us in such times.  Just like ourselves and friends and family, the church can be in a good place – close to its very high potential. Or it can struggle and lead us to worry or grieve. And just like any of us, the church’s tendency to live close to its high potential is most often seen when all of its friends are close, supportive, and encouraging it to be what it is capable of being.

Right now, the church is on the rise. It is, clearly, still in a place where it knows struggle. But it is also beginning to see a path to a greater purpose and higher resolve. Of course, the promise of such a path depends on those who choose to walk it together and who pass the miles with stories of where they are headed.

As we prepare for our 2019–20 Stewardship campaign in March, we do so in stories and conversation with one another around values. Friends of UUSM are coming together to share stories of clarity, purpose, meaning… They are stories about the values at the core of our lives. The people who taught them to us. The ways in which we bring these values to life today, and how we hope they’ll be passed on to others.

If you are interested in being part of this outreach of stories and values, we invite you to become a Connector.

As a Connector, you’ll have the chance to tell your story of values, as well as the values of the church. You’ll get the chance to sit down with other people on the path and hear their stories – both personal and what they hope for the church. This is a time when we all connect our individual lives to the common good and a brighter future. We’ll describe the places we’ve found meaning, hope, and inspiration. We’ll share our vision for what we all need and what we’re all willing to commit to.

We welcome you to sign up for a Connectors training session:

  • Sunday, January 27 3–5:30pm
  • Saturday, February 2  9 am–12 pm
  • Wednesday, February 6  6:30–9 pm

You only need to come to one. These will be both informative and fun. You will walk away feeling better about the path you’re on and the people who are on it with you.

Please consider saying “yes” to the chance to be a Connector. And no one need wait to be asked. Contact our Stewardship Cochairs Kit Shaw and Gretchen Goetz, or myself, to let us know you’re ready to sign up.  I think you’ll be very glad you did. The church certainly will, because its in these very conversations that we get to see where we’re really going.

To the Glory of Life.

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