Church Member Bettye Barclay Interviewed for The Washington Post’s The Lily

  • In March of this year, Bettye Barclay responded to a questionnaire, posed by The Washington Post publication, The Lily, inviting responses from women living alone. When The Lily Staff Writer, Caroline Kitchener, contacted her for an interview, Bettye was very surprised, and glad to share her experience! Part of The Lily’s interview focused on Bettye’s pastoral work during the pandemic.  For the full story, please go to this link:

Bettye reports to the Newsletter:  “As chair of the Pastoral Care Associates, I have worked with the Caring Task Force, chaired by Kikanza Nuri-Robbins, to help set up Chalice Companions for 100 congregants who are elderly or have health issues.  This is a way of keeping in touch with people during this time of isolation. Chalice Companions contact their people weekly to see how they are doing. I worked with Linda van Ligten to set up a Google Sheets document with names and contact information for the vulnerable group and their Chalice Companions. I am delighted to say that task has been accomplished and people are now being contacted regularly.”

We appreciate Bettye’s efforts towards mutual aid, as well as those of the entire Caring Task Force.  Bravo!

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