Christmas Eve Candle Lighting — Light Your Candle

UUSM logoYou are invited to light your candle in our service

This Christmas Eve service will be like none other. To bring in the sharing of the light that we usually do, we would like to include a candle lighting from as many people as we can get. If you submit a short video of you or your COVID pod lighting a candle following the parameters listed below, we can include it in the December 24th service. Please note the time frame plus the email address and subject line so we can get your video in time to include it with the other elements of the service.

Videos can be submitted with the following parameters:

  1. Portrait mode is preferred if possible.
  2. Hold steady for at least 5 seconds, then light your candle.
  3. Move the lit candle closer to the camera, as if offering the light to the world.
  4. Hold that pose for about 30 seconds, before ending the video.
  5. In keeping with the spirit of Christmas Eve and our theme of stillness, be mindful of any background sounds as you are taking the video.
  6. Videos can be sent to with the subject “Candle lighting video” by December 16th.

Here is a demonstration:

What a gift to be able to see as many people as we can this holiday season! Please join us at 6:00 pm Thursday, December 24th as we joyfully sing the carols of the season from around the globe and consider the deeper meaning of the story of Christmas. The night’s offering will benefit the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which is used to help members and friends in need and to fund special projects throughout the church year.




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