Appreciations and Thanks While We Remain Safer at Home

Alone together at UUSM

During a time when we no longer can meet each other on Sundays, and while some of us cannot leave home safely, many church members are offering mutual aid.

Thanks to Linda van Ligten, Bettye Barclay, Kikanza Nuri-Robbins and Reverend Jeremiah Kalendae for their work through the Pastoral Task Force.

The Chalice Companions, who stay in contact with and support as needed our more vulnerable members, are appreciated!

We thank the church staff members for their dedicated service and flexibility during these challenging times.

Bettye Barclay thanks Audrey Lyness for the many ways she is reaching out during this time. Bettye says, “She has shopped for me and others several times, she is one of the Chalice Companions, and reaches out to several people each week to see how they are doing. In addition she has made contact with many others in our community, keeping in touch and checking in with people. And she has shared delicious baked goods.”

Hugo Contreras and Sarah Mae Harper are appreciated for sharing their walnut chocolate chip cookies with church members, and for hosting a virtual gathering that included young adult UU’s.

Thanks to Sheila Cummins, Joyce Holmen and Rebecca Crawford for sewing beautiful and useful masks and providing them to friends and church members.

Bettye Barclay has offered delicious homemade gravlox, baked bread, a mask and chocolate-covered bananas to a grateful recipient.

Sue Stoyanoff is thanked for her sourdough bread-baking skills.

Roberta Frye has shared with fellow church members home-sewn masks purchased from a NextDoor neighbor.

Patricia Wright cleared out her library and not only invited her Heart to Heart group members to help themselves to books but also mailed them to lucky recipients.

Please let us know if you would like to share a story of mutual aid by emailing us at

An invitation: Since the congregation no longer has the opportunity to contribute supplies to the Westside Food Bank, please let the Newsletter know if you would like to funnel your donations to Upward Bound House. The mission of Upward Bound House is to eliminate homelessness among families with children in Los Angeles by providing housing, supportive services, and advocacy. Upward Bound House accepts donations of food and one of our Newsletter editors will transport your donations to their Santa Monica food pantry. For more information on how to coordinate your donation, please email us at



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