Dining for Dollars

Our Spring Dining for Dollars Is Almost Here!

Can you think of a Zoom-friendly event that YOU might host?  Something that would bring people together, that could make money for the Church AND bring people together?  Please offer an event by Sunday, May 2nd. UUSM’s Spring Auction bidding week begins May 16th.

Our Spring 2021 Fundraising Auction Coming in May

Now in the second year of the pandemic, life at UUSM continues, and so do our fundraising needs. This is the time of year when in the past Dining for Dollars would have rolled out. This year, we will hold our second fundraising auction. And we invite you to participate!

Dining for Dollars

Dining for Dollars is BACK! 

Our beloved community’s Dining for Dollars program is BACK! Although we are not quite ready to return to in-person events, in May we will have the UUSM Spring Auction, which is our way of doing Dining for Dollars online. You’re invited to participate.