Message: “Forgiveness: Restitching the Fabric of Society” from Joshua Lewis Berg

Joshua Lewis Berg - December 12, 2021

Forgiveness: Restitching the Fabric of Society

What does forgiveness mean? Why do we forgive? Can we forgive even after great harm? How do we come back into beloved community when covenant is broken? In our deeply divided society, where reacting in defense has become almost instinctive, making forgiveness second nature seems more important than ever for radical healing. From the most atrocious breach of trust to a simple white lie, let us consider the necessity of forgiveness. We welcome Joshua Lewis Berg, who was born and raised in the Detroit area but has called Southern California his home on and off for more than a decade. As a humanist celebrant since 2015, he has officiated many celebration-of-life ceremonies. He was also a board member of The Humanist Society. From 2019-2021, he served as the Ministerial Intern at Northwest UU of Southfield, MI, and he has preached in dozens of congregations across the country. From January through May, he will serve as the 1/4-time minister for Emerson UU Church in Canoga Park, while the Rev. Matthew McHale is on Sabbatical. In May, Joshua will graduate from Meadville Lombard Theological School with a Master of Divinity and then be ordained a UU minister in June.

From Monthly: "Opening to Joy"

Opening to Joy invites us to consider the joy that is already present in our lives but perhaps goes unnoticed. The holidays are filled with opportunities to slow down and appreciate the small miracles of our lives. Who helps you see the joy in front of you? How has your definition of joy changed? Are you mostly a creator of joy, receiver of joy, notice-er of joy, or spreader of joy?

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